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Your Investment

Journey Method Therapy - An appointment length is approximately 2 - 3 hours and aims to leave you feeling complete about the specific issue on the day. To support yourself in deeply clearing health or emotional issues, I genuinely recommend you give yourself the gift of two - three appointments. Package discounts are available. 

Per appointment -

Children up to 9 years: £70 (up to 1 hour).

10 - 18yrs: £110 (up to 2 hours).

Adults: £75 per hour (generally up to 3 hours/one appointment)

Package discount : Three Journey appointments: £540 (when booked & paid up front). 

Aromatherapy Massage

60 mins: £45

90 mins: £60

30 mins (back, neck & shoulders): £30

Reiki Healing (can be remote/ online)

60 mins: £40

Pre-birth Preparation (tailored session) - prices on application

Both aromatherapy massage and Reiki can be combined with guided visualisation to enhance your connection with the baby, address and clear any anxieties about the birth. This can be a really special opportunity to connect and communicate with baby in a very mindful, safe space. 

Give a Gift Voucher For Special Occasions

Special offer: recommend a friend and you both get 10% off a treatment (not in conjunction with any other offers).

Package offer - Book & pay for a course of 3 of the same treatments, get the fourth one free (please quote this website offer). 

Testimonial - R Jouini

After an emergency c-section with my first, I wanted my second birth experience to be somewhat calmer – as much as that is ever possible! Based on this, Sandra came up with some bespoke sessions incorporating massage and fear release. I was impressed time and time again with Sandra’s innate sense of “other awareness”. As a therapist, she is not only highly professional and competent but her natural being instantly instils an air of relax and trust. Working through different scenes to “unblock” some deep held beliefs and experiences of fear, plus a beautiful section spent connecting with and welcoming the baby, I felt an increasing sense of empowerment and inner calm. I felt confident discussing my birth options with pressurising hospital staff as my due date came and went and most importantly, had a really lovely birth experience and even lovelier, contented and smiley baby; which I swear is down to all the positive mindfulness achieved with Sandra. Thank you Sandra so much for all your wonderfulness, it was a truly worthwhile experience and one I hope to continue exploring with you in the future. 

C Parry - April 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from my deepest being for all your love, care and attention during your stay here at Natural Springs Garden.

Your aromatherapy massage was delicious and addictive; I am waiting for my ongoing sessions!

The Journey process was scary and necessary to heal deep emotional scars. You are a shining example of authenticity and compassion, thank you my new found Soul Sister.

JY, Ware

"I have been receiving massages from Sandra for many years now, purely for relaxation. I find it fun and interesting to discuss the particular aromatherapy oils to be used on each occasion and I find Sandra a very calming influence. I immediately relax in her presence. She is able to give me the firm massage I like, which has always surprised me from such a small lady! However, on the occasions when I have requested more gentle massages when not in the best of health, they have felt just as good. 

Male carer, (via carers grant funded service)

“I first experienced Sandra’s aromatherapy massage treatment some years ago, originally as a way to re-balance emotions and calm down during a very difficult period of life. The level of relaxation that Sandra can achieve using this method came as quite a revelation. I can highly recommend this to anyone wanting relief from higher than usual stress levels”.

Senior Citizen, Ware

"All my life I had been a very active sportsman, but 18 years ago I had to have a triple by-pass and lost the sight of one eye. This put paid to a lot of my sporting activities and wanting to continue to look after my body I decided to try Aromatherapy and Reiki. Over the past years I have tried many different Aromatherapists, but have been coming to Sandra for regular treatments over the past four years. I find it keeps my body and skin in good supple condition, and most of all my mind and body left in a relaxed and happy state. This is my fortnightly treat which I really look forward to and enjoy so much. Sandra is a special lady who really cares about ‘your body’".  

Journey Work Testimonials

Gwenda Lovisa

I first met Sandra last year (2016) when I made an appointment with her for some Reiki.

She was very caring and understanding and passionate about her work and the people that she works with. It was at that appointment that I enquired about the Journey work sessions.I have recently had that Journey work therapy and it was truly amazing.

I went to the session with three different issues, and didn’t know quite what to expect, but

I need not have worried, Sandra dealt with each one in her usual kind and caring way. At the end of the time with her, I left with lots to think about, which I did over the coming days and weeks, along with her regular continued support by telephone. I have since purchased the book entitled The Journey by Brandon Bays, which I am currently reading.

I want to thank you so much Sandra for all of the above. You have helped me see life a lot clearer and given me ideas on how to tackle stressful situations in my life in a better way.

I would thoroughly recommend you and your work, you are a very kind person and I hope that we will meet up again in the future.

Chris Wilson, East Herts

I just wanted to let you know how well I am doing! Since I saw you I have left my job and am about to start an exciting new one. I have made new healthy friendships and I'm getting on great with my Mum and my sister too. I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the massive part you played in helping me through and to overcome this hurdle. I look at life so differently these days. You are extraordinary !

Harish Davda, International Management Development Trainer, Enneagram coach and NLP Practitioner.

I have known Sandra for over a year. She is one of the best Journey Therapist and Personal Development Coaches I have met. She has facilitated a number of Journey processes for me. She was professional, caring, compassionate, and enabled me to find a way forward with issues which arose during the Journey work. Sandra works with integrity and diligence and focuses on enabling her clients to benefit greatly from working with her. I recommend her excellent services. 

Medical GP, North London

  • I read the book (The Journey) a year ago and whilst it resonated with me, never took a step towards having a go. I've had brief therapy interventions but didn't like feeling stuck in the past and hoped this would enable me to move forward.
  • I found Sandra to be a patient and extremely caring practitioner. She made me feel at ease and practised safely, with the client's interests at heart. She was thorough, and whilst I have nothing to compare her to, she was responsive and wanted to be sure she could help before committing to the process, which was reassuring.
  • I found the process quite challenging and whilst I was able to access my deepest consciousness it was hard-work. I found the entire process very cathartic and feel instantly at ease in the aftermath. My journey home was effortless where I had previously struggled with motorway driving. There were times in the process where my concentration had broken but Sandra did her best to 'hold me' in the space we created.
  • There is a great deal of subconscious processing the journey process offers. For me it allowed these deep wounds to surface and has helped to serve my present consciousness, shaping my responses, patterned behaviour and offering me a different way of doing things.

Sandra has continued to 'check-in' with me and I've carried on having 'ah-ha' moments which have given me clarity, empowerment and the capacity to awaken a dormant potential in me. The potential is always there, you just need a way to access it and the journey definitely allows you this. Thank you for raising my awareness and giving me a voice and inner resourcefulness that was always there. Much love xxx 

Anon, Midlands

Just thought I would update you on my progress, as it has been just a year (October 2013) since I came to the Journey workshop in London and worked with you there.

I had my hysterectomy on 9th September, which was quite a complex operation, involving surgeons from two disciplines with another on standby! 

Throughout all this past year, I have managed the physical pain and discomfort and emotional distress using Journey work. It has been invaluable and profound. I was totally ready for my operation - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and was able to start my healing as soon as I came round from the operation.

Things are very different for me and I have more joy and positivity in my life now. A good friend noticed a difference in me (a radiance and lightness) as soon as I came back from the workshop, but I feel that the lighter me has continued and baggage is falling away from me.

Thank you for your help at the workshop weekend. Your solid, grounded compassion held me and made me feel safe to go as deep as I needed to go. I am so grateful for your support then. I really needed it. You understand quiet, energetic holding and keep a centre of stillness. You also have a creative flair for facilitating the Journey process, so it never feels stuck and you stay with where I am at and what I need, keeping pace with me if I go off the official process! Thank you so much and keep doing what you are doing - it is brill!

Much Love and Gratitude!

Rachael, singer, London

Having read The Journey, I had felt that I was somewhat prepared for my first session, and in fact, I was slightly anxious that the actual experience wouldn't live up to what is promised in the book. Well, I am delighted to confirm that it both met and exceeded what I expected! Sandra made me feel so welcome and she is so down to earth that I almost forgot the deeper work that I was about to undertake. This meant that I had no preconceptions when we started and she took me through the process brilliantly. I felt open and comfortable and able to access parts of myself that I had forgotten or dismissed. I knew that I could express whatever feelings came up without any shame and Sandra was very comforting when my feelings were very strong.

I knew that something had shifted after we finished, but I didn't realise how much of an affect it had had until I was on stage the next night performing with my band. I've never felt so comfortable, confident and able to perform before. It was like a layer of anxiety had been stripped away and it was definitely the most open and strong performance I've ever given.

Thank you Sandra! I can't recommend you or The Journey enough.

Business Owner (Ware)

Just to say a HUGE thank you for the journey therapy you did with me, I have to apologise for the angry, bitter, negative mess that was me who landed at your feet, but you were so kind, understanding and warm I didn’t feel at all judged or ‘wrong’ so first of all thank you for that kindness.

Secondly, I’m stunned at how effective it was, When I left our session I felt calm but not really ‘different’ however that same day a situation arose that I handled completely differently – without thinking.

I walked away and have never looked back, it was like I was a totally different person, I was secure, confident and had a little smile on my face, it was almost like I was watching a cool version of me handle it whilst I looked on in awe!

That in itself was life changing; but then a situation arose with my elderly mother (we’ve always had a difficult relationship), and I found her very easy to be with for the first time in my life. This meant I was able to do what I needed to do without any added stress or upset coming from my past and I’m also building a proper relationship with her which is beautiful.

I could go on and on about the miracles that I’ve had from my journey, but in a nutshell I’ve found an inner peace and totally different outlook on life, my stress levels have plummeted and I can handle what life throws at me with a secret weapon almost.

Sandra, your journey work IS miraculous, I know for myself who was looking for a way forward you gave me the biggest gift. I want to book in again to see you, I feel I’m ready to take my life into another dimension and I know who I need to help me get there.

16 Year Old Male Student, Ware

When undergoing the process I seemed to lose myself inside my own brain and imagination going deeper and deeper into my subconscious; which was a pretty amazing experience. Over the next few weeks I felt a lot more positive about life and about me. Sandra gave me the ability to respect myself and treat myself and others with respect. I have realised that even now I take peoples words in a different way and see their perceptions of me differently, I stand up for myself and I have been highly motivated at school and this is all because of one journey process that lasted for 3hrs. I can't imagine the help it would to provide to someone if given any longer?I would definitely recommend this to someone of my age struggling with problems or issues from a traumatic or stressful time in their life. The process helps you to forgive and forget, it sends you through a journey to make you a completely better person; not a new person but an improved one at that.

NJ - Ware

‘My experience of the journey process has been a very positive one. I started off with some issues surrounding my self- belief, self- worth and family and thought I would go to see Sandra as I had heard positive comments about her and the journey process from a close friend.

The first few days, I felt a bit up and down, but began to feel calmer and more relaxed in myself.

Over a month on I began to notice some positive changes such as driving long distances (something I would never normally dream of doing before) with confidence, I moved out, began living on my own and since then have handled difficult situations with calmness and ease, something I would normally get very het up about.

I found Sandra, very approachable, discreet and warm. The room was very welcoming and after the journey experience was complete, I felt a sense of inner relief that I had aired my issues and got it all out in to the open.

The journey process is hard to explain unless you have been through it! All I can tell you, is to really open up, to close your eyes and let your subconscious mind take control.

I would recommend everyone and anyone to see Sandra, in fact I already have, 4 people I know have already followed in my footsteps and joined the journey 'bug.' Give it a go, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

JC, Harlow (Recovering from Prostate Cancer)

I have been told that cancers can sometimes be caused by repressed or negative emotions, to find out if this were true for me, I decided to take the ' Journey ' hoping to release the feelings of guilt that I have carried around with me for over ten years. Sandra led me through the experience with a professional, relaxed and nurturing manner. For me, the 'Journey' has been a successful experience with my main problem being completely put to rest, the added advantage has been that some long term negative views and opinions seem to be changing without my conscious effort.

YJ, Ware

I have had a couple of Journey processes with Sandra. This is a very powerful process and it is important to feel secure with the practitioner, which I always do with Sandra. She has helped me to identify my pain and subsequently heal". 

Journey To Tranquility is now based in South West Turkey or online

To book an appointment , please contact Sandra on Whatsapp: +90 544 607 9002

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