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About Sandra


Sandra is a Health and Wellbeing coach and is now living in South West Turkey. She is a Journey Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner and has spent a lifetime following a path of spiritual and personal development. She specialises in providing tailored sessions to meet the clients needs. Scientific studies have demonstrated the complex feedback mechanisms between mind, body and spirit that influence health, so she places great importance on the need to look after not only physical and emotional, but also mental and spiritual wellbeing. .


Accredited Journey Method Practitioner - This is an extremely effective, powerful and yet gentle process capable of radically improving emotional and physical health.

ITEC qualified in Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage and registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).

Reiki II practitioner.

Laughter Yoga Leader. 

Voluntary Work

Sandra worked in Sarajevo, Bosnia providing treatments to the victims of the 1992 - 1995 civil war. Years later, many people there were still dealing with the devastating after effects of the war on both their physical and mental health and really appreciated the volunteers who came each year to help them manage their pain and to heal.

Continuing her voluntary service in the local community, she provided holistic therapy treatments to clients undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, worked as a listener with telephone callers to the Samaritans and spent three weeks in Kenya volunteering at the Hill Breeze school for orphans in Oyugis, as a teacher, providing Journey therapy and life skills support.

Know that if you find yourself drawn to come for a Journey Method process, somehow your own being is looking for a way to find true peace and happiness. 

Journey To Tranquility is now based in South West Turkey or online 

To book an appointment : please contact Sandra on Whatsapp: +90 544 607 9002

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